A fall picnic . . .

14 Oct

Steve and I enjoyed a picnic yesterday.  There’s a quiet little spot that we sometimes visit where there are tall trees,  lush green grass, and various little creatures scampering about, such as deer, squirrels, birds, butterflies.  It’s a spot that caught our eye quite a few years ago, and we knew that we would eventually take time out of our busy life to truly appreciate it.  Yesterday was one of those beautiful autumn days, so we took a blanket and a picnic lunch and found our exact spot.  Behind us, we could hear the music of wind chimes blowing in the gentle breeze along with birds singing.  To our left, a squirrel was darting around looking for food, and we could smell the sweet fragrance from a nearby apple tree.  I discovered a small Praying Mantis resting on a nearby stone, and it surprised me when it jumped and flew away.  I assumed that they only prayed and moved very slowly, so I learned something that day.  We also learned that we can make the best of any situation and find beauty and peace.

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