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I’m special because…

18 Aug

As I was going through some of the old files on my laptop tonight, I came across a file marked “Fathers Day” from June 2005.  I opened the file and it was obvious that I had written it, but I honestly don’t remember writing it…

Photography by JJ Kaplan, Color My World Studios

Some people say I’m “special” because I am challenged by a disability.  I don’t think I’m all that special, but I definitely feel special when I’m with my daddy!  When he picks me up, I can see everything around me, and I feel so tall.  When I go down the slide at the park, I’m not afraid because I know that my daddy won’t let me fall.

God gave my daddy big, broad shoulders, and he uses those shoulders to carry all of my burdens for me.  He pushes me and guides me in my wheelchair, and he’s extra, extra careful whenever I’m a passenger in the car.  He has big hands, but he’s very delicate and tender when he’s holding me.  He’s my protector.

Daddy talks to all of my doctors, and he explains to them how I am feeling.  My daddy isn’t a doctor, but he sure does sound like one sometimes.  Daddy gets advice from my doctors, but he ultimately seeks direction and wisdom from the Great Physician.  My daddy is a man who puts all of his faith and trust in the Lord and prays that he is the kind of father that the Lord wants him to be.

My daddy works really hard to make our home nice, and he even built a butterfly garden in my backyard just for me.  He very carefully chose each plant and flower specifically with me in mind.  On days when I cannot go outside, I can see the bright flowers from the window, and I can see the butterflies and hummingbirds fluttering their wings from plant to plant.  When I am able to go outside, there are many things in the garden for me to see, touch and smell.  He encourages me to touch bugs and never scolds me for putting my hands in the mud.  He even puts his hands in the mud too.

Night time is my favorite time because Daddy lets me snuggle in his lap, and he lets me hold the remote!  We watch Superman together, and he tells me when the story doesn’t follow the comic books he read when he was a boy.  Clark Kent is okay, but my daddy is the real “super man” in my life.

I’m not special because I have a disability; I’m special because my daddy loves me!