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Go fly a kite…

7 Apr

Sammy’s birthday is only a few days away, and thinking about a great memory we had from 2005, I decided that we would fly a kite at the cemetery.  The wind wasn’t quite strong enough, but we did manage to get some lift and had a nice time.  Maybe we will go back on Tuesday and try again.

Momma needs new boots…

12 Dec

There is snow on the ground, and that means that it’s finally time to go to the cemetery to build Sammy a snowman.

I don’t go to the cemetery much even though it’s very close to our home.  I feel like Sammy goes with me everywhere I go because he is so frequently on my mind and in my thoughts–while shopping at the scrapbook store, while driving in the car, while at my desk at work.  But, when I go to the cemetery, that isn’t a reminder that he lived; to me, it’s a reminder that he’s gone.

Sammy passed away in early January, and when we would go to visit his grave site in those first weeks and months, it was cold with gray skies, leafless trees, and frozen grass.  It was just so depressing.  To compensate, I like to try to make it special when I do go to the cemetery.  On one beautiful autumn day, Steve and I had a picnic at Sammy’s gravesite.  Another time, I took our new dog to the cemetery to go for a walk. Other times, Steve and I have gone there to release balloons or to place items on his grave.

One of the things that I want to do is to build a snowman for Sammy at the cemetery.  Last winter, I shopped for a hat and scarf because Sammy’s snowman needs to have some personality.  I have everything we need to build a snowman friend at the cemetery, but the one thing holding me back is that I need new boots.  So, as soon as I get some new boots and we get some good, wet snow, Sammy will get his snowman.