Cemetery surprises

13 Jun

I went to the cemetery today. I haven’t been to Sammy’s grave since Easter because going there makes me feel too sad. Maybe it’s because Sammy was buried in January, and each time I’ve gone over the winter months, it has been cold, rainy, or just plain dreary. We haven’t decided on a headstone yet, so each time I go, I’m reminded that we still need to do that.

My visit to the cemetery was a little better today. Delicate blades of grass are starting to grow now on Sammy’s grave, and eventually there will be a thick carpet of grass. While I was there, I saw a deer grazing near the wooded edge of the cemetery. She let me watch her for about 15 minutes until she slipped back into the woods. I’ve been stressed and tired this week, so spending that time just watching the deer is a gift that I treasure.

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