4 May

Racing season has started again, so Steve and I went to Anderson Speedway on Saturday night. Last year, we began taking Sammy to a few races to support driver Josh Timmerman, the son of “Miss Debbie”, one of Sammy’s nurses. It was completely out of our comfort zone to take Sammy there, but Sammy loved it, so we took him several times.

Josh is a mature young man who wants to be known as someone who stands for something, and we are very impressed that he has allowed Sammy to touch his life and is willing to help us raise awareness about HPE by displaying the Families for HoPE logo on his truck. Josh drives in the Super Truck division, and this year, he has added a special tribute to Sammy’s memory on the tailgate of his truck! We were excited on Saturday night when Josh was leading the race for a few laps which meant that the other drivers were all getting a good view of Sammy’s tribute. We know that eventually someone will cause a big dent or scratch across the back of Josh’s truck, but since that hasn’t happened yet, Sammy’s tribute remains unscathed!  We’re just waiting for that day when Sammy goes with Josh to Victory Lane!

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