Spa Day

30 Apr

I think Sammy would have been proud of me. Yesterday, I spent 6 hours having a spa day! Besides listening to Kenny Chesney’s music, Sammy’s favorite thing was to have “spa day” at home. Spa day for Sammy included hair washing with scalp massage, bath, body massage with lavender-scented baby lotion, a little splash of baby cologne, and Twinkie-flavored lip balm after having his teeth brushed. Sammy loved to be pampered, and he sure did smell great afterward!

I followed his example yesterday with a day spent at the Reeda Todd Salon being pampered with a mani/pedi, hair color and new hair style, eyebrow shaping, and makeup application! Over the past five years, I’ve let myself go, and I’ve been long overdue for some time devoted just for me. In the coming weeks, I’ll be looking at an eye exam, new glasses, dental work, and teeth whitening! The inside is still the same, but the outside is catching up!

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