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Walk ‘n’ Roll for HoPE

13 Oct

Some people travel to Boston or NYC for marathons, but I’m traveling to Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona next month for the “HoPE Walk ‘N’ Roll” to support Families for HoPE. AND I NEED YOUR HELP!

Several months ago, my friend and fellow HPE mom, Heather Dawn Rinard began planning a fundraising walk to raise awareness of Holoprosencephaly in the Phoenix area where she lives. She recruited other HPE families in Arizona to join her, and they are planning and executing a fabulous event to be held on Saturday, November 9.

Heather committed to this event several months ago; however, in August, she learned that she has Stage IV cervical cancer. As a mother of four (one with HPE), she has begun chemo therapy which will give her more time. The doctors have told her that she will not survive this, but the chemo can give her precious time with her husband and children. After receiving the diagnosis, I asked Heather if she wanted to cancel the event because terminal cancer and chemo would more than qualify as a viable excuse to quit.

Heather is not a quitter or an excuse-maker, and she fully intends to continue with this event on November 9. I will be traveling to Phoenix for a week next month to support Heather’s fundraiser, but I will also be there to help with any tasks that are needed to lighten Heather’s load and help make the event everything she imagined it could be.

Since she joined the board of directors of Families for HoPE in 2015, Heather has been my right-hand and go-to person–especially during our social media campaigns for HPE Awareness Week, Brackets For Good Tournament and Giving Tuesday promotions. You may have even seen some of our Facebook Live broadcasts. Whenever I have issued a call out for help, Heather, without fail, responds with, “What can I do?”

HERE’S WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP . . . Heather has done so much to help me carry my load over these past few years, and I want to repay that by helping her carry her load now. Whatever she needs to make this event a huge success, I will be there asking, “What can I do?”

What can YOU do? You can make a donation to help my dear friend reach and exceed her fundraising goal and honor her commitment to persevere and HoPE in spite of life’s struggles.


Thank you!