Field Trip

21 May

My laptop recently went kaput, so I’ve been using our old desktop PC.  As I was opening some old files today, I came across some digital photos that I had forgotten about.

In the weeks prior to his passing, Sammy had the opportunity to participate in a field trip with his preschool class.  Neither Steve nor I were able to attend due to other commitments, but I was okay with that because it was an opportunity for Sammy to experience something new and fun without mom and dad hovering around.

Sammy’s preschool class consisted of 3-4 year-old boys, and because the boys seemed to be interested in cars and crashes, it only made sense for them to visit the Blossom Chevrolet body shop to learn about how cars are rebuilt after a collision.

Because I wasn’t able to attend, Nurse Debbie and Mrs. Servizzi took a lot of photos that day. As it turned out, this was the final field trip that Sammy would experience, and that fact made the field trip very special to me.  In the weeks following Sammy’s passing, I decided to make a special little memento for the car dealership to thank them for all they do in the community and for allowing Sammy’s class to visit.  Below are the photos I snapped of the finished product.

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