Sons of Thunder

28 Mar

As I type, I’m listening to the pouring rain outside and the thunder that comes with a spring thunderstorm.  Sammy definitely did not like thunder, and during storms, I would often tell him about how Jesus gave John and James the nickname of “sons of thunder”.  In one of my last conversations with Sammy, I whispered in his ear and told him about what he would find in heaven.  Just as a parent might mentally prepare a child for his or her very first day of school, I told him about what he might see and who he might meet in the next phase of his journey. I reminded him that he would meet Zebedee and his sons, John and James, and they would teach him about where the thunder comes from.  When I hear thunder now, I smile because I picture Sammy in heaven hanging out with John and James, and I wonder just what nickname they have given to him.

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