What do children do in heaven?

13 Feb

We have been amazed at the number of messages we have received from total strangers who have stumbled across Sammy’s website. Last week, Monica from Alexandria, Indiana, sent us a passage from a book entitled, “Letter from Heaven”. This passage is a fictional answer to the question of “What do children do in heaven?”

…The first thing you might have noticed is that heaven is filled with their singing and laughter. They play together in grassy fields, catching bright-colored butterflies, giving them a quick kiss, and watching them fly away. In heaven, children can soar with the birds over a rainbow. Their laughter rings out like silver bells. Small groups of children sometimes spread out on their tummies on the velvet grass, coloring pictures with crayons of iridescent colors only seen in heaven.

During my long walk, I passed one little boy who was lying in a flower-covered meadow reading a book with his head resting on the back of a lion. A tiny lamb, pure and clean as snow, was curled up next to him. What a picture of total peace, security, and contentment. I saw the pleasure the animals bring to the children as they played together. Rosy-cheeked children were shouting merrily as they played hide-and-go-seek with baby kangaroos. Two little boys were taking a ride on the back of a graceful tiger. Another pair of adventuresome little girls were soaring through the cloudless sky on the wings of an eagle. Their hair was blowing straight out behind them as their joyous laughter rang through the pristine air. What a sight!

Are you surprised we have animals here in heaven? Why wouldn’t there be? When God first created the human race, He put the animals under our protective care. Animals are very special to God. The children are able to enjoy their playfulness without any trace of harm or danger just as God intended when He created them. Never forget that animals had a special place in the garden, they have a special place there on earth, and they have a special place here in heaven where you can enjoy them in complete safety forever.

…..Children in heaven are joyfully cared for and tenderly loved by Jesus, the angels, and their many friends. As part of God’s family, they’re never sad or lonely. They love their family on earth but now with an intense, perfected love that is eternal. And one day, as they are swinging on the garden gate, they will see their parents and other loved ones who accepted God’s gift of forgiveness step over the border into heaven!

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