3 Feb

A few nights ago, tornado warnings were issued in the area, and we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves. Typically, we would be scurrying around the house gathering up Sammy’s medical equipment, emergency supplies, medications, and blankets in preparation for seeking shelter in our bathroom. On Memorial Day weekend a few years ago, a tornado did hit our neighborhood, and Sammy was safe and secure in the bathroom surrounded by everything he might need in the event of a disaster–except we had forgotten the Ambu Bag which he would need if he were to stop breathing. It was on that day when I realized that I house just isn’t a home unless there’s an Ambu Bag in every room!

A few nights ago, we were watching the storm roll in, listening to the emergency sirens blaring, and with a slightly-nervous voice Steve warned, “Leslie, you need to get things ready!” My reply was, “Okay . . . but you realize that all I have to do is walk into the bathroom and close the door, right?” It was strange that my mind wasn’t racing with all of the “what ifs” and anticipating what steps I would need to take in an effort to keep Sammy safe because I have the peace and comfort of knowing that Sammy is completely safe and secure in heaven!

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